Become an Authorized Reseller for
Affordable Automatic Gates
by Design Technologies

Design Technologies is committed to providing quality products and services to our customers. All products and services are supported and guaranteed by Design Technologies.

We currently are looking to grow our network of
qualified dealers and authorized resellers of our products.

Dealer Information

We have a broad array of gate styles and products backed by our team of professionals dedicated to helping you succeed in your business with our outstanding technical and sales support. We are successful only if you are successful; therefore, we have a vested interest in helping you build as big a business as your time and dreams allow.

One of the biggest expenses of operating a business is keeping the right inventory on hand. When you are an authorized dealer of Affordable Automatic Gates© Products, you have available to you the option to keep inventory costs to a minimum. You place an order and your gate package is ready in just a matter of days.

Using the tools and services provided by Design Technologies you can concentrate on building your customer base and not be distracted by the challenges of running and staffing a production fabrication shop.

If you are interested in becoming an authorized reseller please contact us.

To become an Affordable Automatic Gates Dealer,
fax the following two documents to (559) 822-4397.

Take the first step to joining our exciting team by submitting the information below. Once your information is received, we will contact you to further discuss the benefits of becoming a dealer.

1) On your company letterhead provide us with a letter of intent stating:

  • that you would like to participate in our Dealer program;
  • that you are in the business of installing and reselling the products we supply;
  • where you heard about Design Technologies;
  • provide your phone, fax and e-mail information, and;
  • have the letter signed by an authorized representative of your company.

2) Include a copy of your tax resale card, contractor license or business license
(we cannot accept the number alone - we must have a copy of the actual certificate on file).

You're done! You can now begin to enjoy the benefits which the growing ranks of our loyal dealers have come to appreciate.

Thanks for contacting us!

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